As a yuth Hassani was mostly focused on school in Surinam but seeing the Missy Elliot videos with his mother sparked something within him!  Years later he started dancing and A few important steps in Hassani’s dance journey were meeting the right people in the community.;  People like Wesley, Leandro, Steve Veusty, Kelly, and many more. they truly inspired him and introduced him into the dance scene. He started at Martin markina, danced at KL dansstudio and all These people showed him that there are alot of different styles and that dance can be fun and so much more like connection your healing, therapy, expression form and a source of income. You can also really make a living out of this. Steve Veusty played a big party in his journey, he taught him alot about musicality, oldschool moves. He came in the crew Xgen and they taught him alot. 

To catch the real vibe of house he decided to travel to America and follow classes from Tony Mcgregor, he showed Hassani that he still has a lot to learn. That private session changed his whole vision on House. He struggled like never ever before but learned so much. He got to feel the clubbing vibes and see the old school  househeads get down on the floor. He dances a lot of popping with his brother Argil and they got to do a theatertour with a show they created. 



At this point he can really feel that Popping is my number one, House and then HipHop. All of these styles give Hassani the opportunity to share another part of himself. Popping is also a style not alot of people teach anymore so he wants to keep on investing in this style. 



Community means alot to Hassani because they are the only reason how he reached this stage where he stands today. Shailesh helped him to get better at popping, By inspiring and helping each  and by being truthful and tuff they all got better.  And the beautiful thing is, it’s a world wide thing where he got to learn from alot of pioneers like Tony Mcgregor across the world. Each one teach one is something that he truly believes because what he learned from others and he wants to teach others all he knows.



In his class he tries to combined different things of music