Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop

From August 11th to August 26th, the Ferro Gashouder in Rotterdam was buzzing with excitement. Why? Because Hip-Hop turned 50, and it was time to celebrate! The star of the show was the American photo exhibition "Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop," featuring legendary photos that have shaped hip-hop culture worldwide.

This exhibition included exclusive, unedited contact sheets of the famous photos. It was as if you were stepping into the photographer's shoes, right in the heart of the action.

Those iconic Notorious B.I.G. portraits by Barron Claiborne? Check!

Janette Beckman's epic Salt-n-Pepa photos? Check!

During the opening weekend from August 11th to 13th, you could immerse yourself in talks, parties, and live performances. The hiphop ensemble OMA from Manchester delivered a dynamic tribute to hip-hop with classics from Wu-Tang, MF Doom, and more. Rotterdam's MC Winne curated a lineup featuring the best artists from five different hip-hop generations. And of course, Fab Five Freddy was there to take us on a journey through 50 years of hip-hop history.

And the afterparties? They were legendary! With DJs like Mr. Nice Guy, Mae, Edson, Vic Crezée, Mixturess, and Ray Escobar, they provided a visual spectacle and kept us dancing all night long.

This party will go down in history as one of the best birthdays hip-hop has ever had.

Hiphop for life!