Growing up with a family that dances, Dance & Theatre has always been in Precious’ life, but it was never  her ambition to be a professional dancer and really make money with it. Once upon a time when she was 15/16  she just woke up thinking I’m gonna sign up for the Dance College, she got through and finished this study as well! 


Finding Afrohouse  after trying a lot of different street styles was life changing for her. With all the other styles she felt like it wasn’t completely ‘it’, but with Afrohouse. She really noticed that she could express herself in this style, with the “ going hard” energy of hip hop and dancing  on Afrohouse music did something with her. The people around her saw that she was killing this style and  all of this gave her a lot of confidence .African dance means freedom, expression, fashion, lifestyle.  She found herself in this style. And she realized “ I have the potential to truly grow myself into a dancer who can travel the world”.


And she did and is still doing! In 2016 she created a community where dancers can explore the different African Dancestyles, work on their freestyle abilities, do battles and showcases and just dance with people who love the same music & dance. it’s called World Of Afro. Working and building on the community is an important aspect of her journey because she really built it up from 0 and she is now internationally recognized and travels  the world for workshops. There has been a lot of growth but there is still a lot of work to be done. There are different African dance styles and they all deserve the respect and she gives that in her classes, 


Precious finds it very important to teach her students about the diversity Africa has to offer, the different Movement, music, dynamics,energies. Her class truly shows you the different aspects of African dance styles. You can expect to learn Ndombolo, Amapiano, Pantsula, Azonta, Afrohouse and more.It’s an all round class where she also teaches you the different grooves, work on your stamina and more, worth checking out because it is always a whole vibe!