As a 12 year old he started ambitiously with a 8 week course. He never thought that this would truly become a lifestyle. Soon enough he found out that people were training in a community center in the area. That is the place where he met his childhood Illusionary Rockaz Crew en ADHD crew.


From training weekly it quickly shifted into focussing on 'everything Breaking' on a daily base. Battles and shows all included. He did the School course Sports and Movement and that is where he learned how to teach. From this point on he started teaching at alot of different schools, organizations and companies. He worked out a lot of great projects and eventually he also set up his own training school called Movematics. He set it up in order to help all types of people with getting to know & how to move their bodies in all kinds of ways. 



If he looks back to how he started and compares it with where he is today, he truly loves the aspect of development within the HipHopscene. For him, Hiphop is like a personal book and it showcases how you flow in life. How you communicate, your thoughts, mindset, vision and your taste. Everything changes when you get older and live through different experiences. By expressing this in dance you can get a good image of how and where you are at that point in your life. He believes this is something that could benefit everybody in their life. Breaking is one of the most explosive forms that is out there, that gives a unique kind of freedom. It challenges you in different ways, you can build up alot of body strength and control which is beneficial for different aspects in your life.



Next to the classes at hiphophuis he is also a coordinator in the project The Floor is Yours. This is a project that is under the wings of Dutch Breaking League (NBL). With this project he wants to empower and encourage as many kids as possible and infect them with the breakdance virus.



Do you want to learn more about the culture and the art, come by & join the Breaking classes to work the body & mind. Even if you are already Breaking, you can alway learn more from inspiration and about freedom in movement.