Growing up in an African house hold they danced alot to African music but her first street style was Hiphop.She started with hiphop, popping and house and that changed into dancehall and afro. Those two are her mainstyles. 


What she loves about hiphop is  the freedom, the different grooves and all of the good music. For afro it is the same, no rules, freedom and diversity. What she loves about dancehall is the culture, complexity of the steps and all the history behind it. 


What community means for her is that you can be a part of different communities but also that it is important to respect the steps and creators especially in the dancehall scene. 

She organizes events for the afro and dancehall scene and also brought some Jamaican teachers to the Netherlands and Hiphophuis. She organizes “Afro finest” where you can learn the different african styles like, kuduro, ndombolo, sabar and many more. It is important to learn from the source so she also plans trips to Jamaica and in the future to Africa. Danime speaks 6 languages and she is great in artist handling during international dance events. She is not only a dancer, a teacher but also an organizer and production leader because she enjoys arranging things and creating a space for people to learn, grow, feel comfortable and have fun. 


Her classes are fiery and energetic, you can really be free in how you execute the choreo, create your own flow and never copy, she finds it important that you stay yourself. because that is also what afro dance is about. Enjoyment!