It was back in 2008 when Joel started dancing. He was quite young so it was normal for him to practice different styles. He started with  Breakdance, hiphop, house , locking, popping and also waacking. He had teachers like Roche Apinsa, Daniel lewis and under the guidance of these people he got to see a lot of battles and followed some workshops. This formed him as a person and  dancer.  Roche & Nevanio Herkun really played a big role in this journey and they are also a big inspiration. 

He was 14 when he entered the House Dance Forever event in Paradiso for the first time and that showed him that he wanted to become an international house dancer and an inspiration to others. And made It his goal to once upon a time win this event.


Peace, love, unity and having fun are the words that Hiphop and House represent. Joel finds this very important in his personal life but also as a dancer. The dance scene is ever evolving and growing and there are so many possibilities. He sees it as a game where you can constantly gain points, level up, upgrade your skills,  your techniques, you can grow as a person and just be a better person in general by moving in these scenes. All of this Attracts and keeps Joel in the community. 


Through the years he also linked himself to different crews like  Xgen, Ghetto funk Collective and Perdu Dans La Sauce. (PDLS) The house community is important to Joel, because they make him grow and welcome to be himself.  When he is together with other house dancers he always feels a connection even though they don’t even know each other. It is a social community who welcome everybody from different levels, ages and races. It is amazing to meet new people and learn from each other and exchange knowledge. Joel wants to teach more and more because the house community is very small and it should grow again. The community did a lot for him and he wants to give back in this way. 



What you can expect in Joel’s classes is that you are gonna sweat, because it is always energetic. He always makes sure that everybody is warm and  makes sure  the moves are injury-friendly. He builts up your stamina and strength. So u can do the different things he offers. There are so many different people in his classes, some want to improve, some want to turn into a battle cat, some are just there for fun. He wants to cater to everybody by creating a safe space for them to explore and grow.