He draws inspiration from many things outside of dance. His artistic journey is mostly fueled by his curiosity for movement in general and the way the body can adapt and learn so many different things. The body and mind aspect fascinates him a lot, because it allows him to dig deeper into what he feels is possible through visualization in the mind, to then bring it into the physical aspect. 

Throughout the years his focus has shifted from Martial arts, to Theatre, movement culture, fitness and many other things. He feels that this broad level of interests has shaped him a lot in his journey of dance. By incorporating certain key principles, it helped him to develop not only his language through movement, but also him as a person. 

The reason why he feels so drawn to HipHop - and House dance - is because of the way it allows him to express himself. By bringing his personality into & outside the dance. He got inspired by documentaries like “Check You Body At The Door" (2011, dir. Sally R. Sommer, Charles Atlas, Michael Schwartz) where he felt connected to how the people in that documentary spoke, dressed, moved and were just vibrant about their way of being, their way of being together.

The HipHop and House community are a space purely for people like him. "Being honest about what you feel and how you go about things. It's important to honor your core values and upholding them by your actions in communion with the other people in it." It's about honesty but also respect in that togetherness. He feels that this is also something he brings to the forefront in his teachings, the way we all should be with people in general. Again back to the just being.

His classes revolve around gathering information, knowing the origin of things. But then also finding your own place within that and how to develop not just your vocabulary and moves, but also your mind. He focuses on basic knowledge, foundations and structure in the dance, but then also identity through seeking your own uniqueness and indiviuality. He likes to spark people's minds while at the same time providing a space where they can challenge themselves in a healthy way.