Edson Sabajo


With the Powertalk format, we create a safer space in which players from different generations are brought together to have conversations and discussions, share knowledge, experiences and practical tools to deal with different situations and power dynamics within the cultural sector. We strive to unite cultural leaders and game changers and as a community to increase our self-awareness, share strategies and knowledge as bicultural creatives and how we can take responsibility for this.


In collaboration with the VSB fund, we first conducted a pilot from 2018 to 2020 to develop the Powertalk concept. The focus in this pilot was mainly on bringing together community leaders who move within the cultural scene in Rotterdam to discuss ownership, power dynamics and claiming space. As part of this pilot we invited inspirational speakers Rich Medina, Astrid elburg, Edson Sabajo, Afaina de Jong, Wayne Modest, Sylvana Simons, Emory Douglas and Guillaume Philibert.


After the pilot ended in 2020, we have further developed the Powertalk format to not only reach local community leaders but also involve national community leaders. In the period 2021-2023 we invited, among others, Lynnée Denise (US), Kelechi Okafor (UK), Adreinne Waheed (US), Jonathan McCrory (US), Lakwena Maciver (UK) and CR Capers (US). In addition, Zaïre Krieger hosted the Power Talk 'Power Moves in Media' with speakers Hesdy Lonwijk, Shay Kreuger and Ivette Forster.





Edson Sabajo


On February 10, 2019, we invited Edson Sabajo to share his experiences as an entrepreneur and how to stay true to your roots and values.

Edson Sabajo is a prominent figure in the music and fashion industries, best known as the co-founder of the influential streetwear store Patta. Born in Suriname on February 29, 1972, Sabajo moved to the Netherlands at a young age. In the early 1990s, he became deeply involved in Amsterdam's burgeoning hip-hop scene.

Sabajo's passion for music led him to DJing and organizing parties, where he played an essential role in introducing hip-hop culture to the Dutch scene. Alongside his music endeavors, Sabajo had a keen interest in fashion and streetwear, which eventually led him to co-found Patta in 2004.

Patta quickly gained recognition as a groundbreaking store that bridged the gap between streetwear, fashion, and sneakers. With its curated selection of exclusive releases and collaborations, Patta became a go-to destination for sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts alike. Sabajo's vision and curation played a vital role in establishing Patta as a global streetwear authority.

With his passion for music, Sabajo also pursued DJing and music production, often incorporating diverse sounds and genres into his sets. He remains an influential figure in the music scene, bringing his distinctive taste and energy to performances and events.

Watch the Powertalk below!