Dancing brings different things to Steven. It's a way to express himself, stay in form, a way to gain and give  energy, and a way to connect with others. He  started dancing because he loved it. He trained at places like KL dance studio and trained hiphop freestyle, house. He danced in the crew called Poparazzi and together they did a lot of great things, traveled to some countries and he learned alot from all of these guys. After they split up, Steven really focused on his personal journey as a dancer and he started teaching dance in different dance schools. He taught dance to people of different ages and levels.After a few years he also got to know Dancehall and he dived into this style to get into it. Even traveled to Jamaica to learn from the source. With some other dancers  like our teacher Danime and Jermaine  he set up a crew called Rascals and they did some fun things. Like performances and competitions.



His main styles are Hiphop, house and Dancehall because he likes the different energies that tthey carry, the way he can move in it and grow with it. Express himself in other ways.

they all mean something else for him 



The dance scene is an ever changing place, where he got to know a lot of people that also taught him different things about life and dance. He supports and participates by joining battles or events. Letting his students know what is happening in the scene. In the future he would like to set up some events for the next generation.



The absolute beginner classes take you back to the basics of a few styles. Steven always spends a few weeks on one style to really get the feeling of it. He works with the styles Hiphop, house and Dancehall. You will learn steps, grooves and bounces and you will work on a choreography. Everything is done in a calm paste so it is easy for the people to catch the steps or choreo.