The MashUp@Hiphophuis

Exhibition by Janette Beckman
Foam X Hiphophuis
  • 12 May
    31 Aug
    Hiphophuis, Rotterdam
    Not for sale

Foam and Hiphophuis present a selection of five works from The Mashup project by Janette Beckman, where photography and graffiti converge. This project connects iconic photography with the visual expressions of graffiti pioneers who add their interpretation to her photos.

The project provides insight into how the cultures of hip hop, punk, and graffiti inspire each other. It shows the interplay between these movements, emphasizing the value of self-expression and creative renewal, and it reflects on the cohesion of the original spirit of these subcultures.

Concurrently with this exhibition, Foam Amsterdam organizes *Rebels: An Ode to Subversives, Revolutionaries, and Provocateurs*, a retrospective of Janette Beckman's impactful photography. This retrospective includes, among other things, the early years of hip hop and punk captured through Beckman's lens. Together, these two exhibitions highlight the significance of Beckman's photography and her influence on the music and art world. Find more info about this exhibit here.


Visit the exhibition at Hiphophuis;
May 12 to August 31
Monday to Friday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM.