What happens when you blend the energy of HipHop, the power of dance, and the warmth
of community? Well, you get Make A Scene 2023.

This year, the success of Make A Scene 2023 wasn't just about dope moves; it was also the
result of fantastic collaborations with our partners. From Poppodium Annabel, opening its
doors for dance workshops and the International Dance League, to Moving Sounds – these
partners made it possible to curate a diverse and dynamic program.

At the heart of Make A Scene 2023 was the theme "Dancing on The Shoulders of Giants."
This theme bridged two significant milestones: commemorating Keti Koti and celebrating the
50th anniversary of HipHop. This was more than just a party; it was a tribute to the rich
history of HipHop in Rotterdam while simultaneously building a radiant future for the

The Program

The day kicked off with workshops where the youngest dancers could shine, customizing
their denim jackets like true artists. Following that, the family battle; brought generations
together for a dance spectacle showcasing that HipHop is for all ages. Outdoors, a block
party unfolded, with delectable food and live performances elevating the atmosphere even

It wasn't just about dance and music – Make A Scene 2023 also ignited profound discussions.
The Teachers Panel and the Powertalk with Mitchell Esajas brought seasoned educators and
influential speakers together to explore the connections between HipHop and culture. These
conversations prompted participants to contemplate and discover fresh perspectives.

A movement

We can affirm that Make A Scene is more than an event; it's a movement that uplifts,
celebrates, and spreads HipHop culture. This year demonstrated that even with a more
condensed setup, the impact remains. HipHop continues to flourish, and so does Make A
Scene. As a community, we persist in dancing on the shoulders of those who came before

Back with a Bang! After not being able to organise Make A Scene for two years due to the pandemic, Make A Scene on June 25, 2022 was more than a mood and a vibe. It was on a whole other frequency. 

From IDL battles, talks, roller skate jams, live performances, a Powertalk and afterparties with an international lineup and the hottest DJ’s!

We’re grateful to everyone that worked hard to pull this together, our program partners,
contributors, dancers, artists and everyone that showed up and showed all the way out!