Dancing on the Shoulders of Giants:
Celebrating Keti Koti and HipHop in Rotterdam

In 2023, we have two significant events to celebrate: the 150th anniversary of the abolishment of slavery, known as Keti Koti, and the 50th birthday of HipHop. Exactly 100 years after Keti Koti, HipHop was born in the Bronx, NY, in 1973. To pay homage to this historical moment, we express our gratitude to the spaces that provided a home for HipHop before the opening of Hiphophuis in 2002.

We delve into the connection between HipHop and Keti Koti, featuring key figures and pioneers from our community. Our activities include a Powertalk, a mini documentary, a family event, and a special T-shirt.

The Powertalk
During the Powertalk at Make A Scene 2023 we explored the relationship between HipHop culture and Keti Koti, focusing on power structures. Mitchell Esajas from The Black Archives will be the main speaker, with journalist and researcher Kim Dankoor moderating the conversation. This discussion has become urgent since the announcement of the Rolling Loud international Hip-hop festival in Rotterdam on June 30th and July 1st. It has become clear that the connection between Keti Koti and HipHop culture is not apparent to everyone. Through this Powertalk, we aimed to contribute to better language, knowledge, and strategies to foster a deeper understanding in our communities. Check the Powertalk on our Youtube channel! 

Dancing on the Shoulders of Giants: Mini documentary
In the mini documentary, we search for and discover the sacred grounds that were vital to the HipHop scene in the 1980s and 1990s. Curator and choreographer Sheree Lenting embarks on this journey with individuals such as Paulo Nunes, Alida Dors, and Winston Bergwijn. Although many of these places no longer exist, the stories bring their spirit back to life. More info soon!

For those who prioritize style, we have created a T-shirt featuring Meanr and Timer, respected figures and founding fathers of Rotterdam's graffiti scene. With the help of local historians such as Navin, Gijs, Eli, Carlos, Maikel, Hakan, and many more, we have compiled an (incomplete) list of places where HipHop found a home. This T-shirt is a tribute to those places and the people associated with them. Send us a dm to cop a tee!

Prices: Adults: €25,- / Kids: € 15,-

HHH x Free Heri Heri X Fam Fest
On the 30th of June we invited everybody with their family to join us at 'het Nieuwe Café' during HHH x Free Heri Heri X FamFest! At the mini festival where we aimed to bring different generations together to commemorate and celebrate. DJ Cut Nice mixed it up behind the 1's & 2's, we had a screening of the mini documentary: Dancing on the Shoulders of Giants, and workshops for the youngin's, including Capoeira, Tambu, and Angisa-folding with Carlien MacNack. The highlight of the event was of course the Heri Heri meal prepared by chef Manuela Goncalves in collaboration with 'Free Heri Heri for All'.