Elly Vineyard

Elly Vineyard

Elejandro is de naam die zijn ouders hem hebben gegeven. Born and Raised in Sint Maarten.
Als kleine jongen danste hij vaak voor de televisie.

Voguing 10 years .

Born and raised in sint maarten, came here in 2010.

Inspired : Dancing in general

I wanted to be, usher, beyonce, missy

Ik ging alles na doen

Professional : geïnspireerd door iemand die op een dansschool zat en ik wilde dat.

Ik deed allerlei stijlen. Maar ik kende voguing niet maar die vriend is op reis gegaan en kwam terug met voguing. We oefenenden laat op het strand want het is niet normaal om een black young gay te zijn in Sint Maarten.

Love at first sight in vogue

We were the first open gay boys.

We were the barbie boys

Coming to holland that was pretty amazing

We went on different shows! Everybody dance now, Jandino,

Amber did a ball and we didn’t know who she was. When I met here everything in my live changed because she changed the game and I Fell in love with everything she was and did.

I was a vineyard at heart and I feel amazing to be apart.  Its a family so not everybody can join.

Family comes first.

Where every we go we bring style and grace. I wanna spread out the culture , I want to make sure my students really understand what they are doing. Ball room culture comes first.

Its the essence .

The love for dancing is the Freedom, I can just be and thats what I wanna learn my students.

Expects learning about Ballroom : Voguing for us by us : Black LGBT community.

We didn’t have a spot where we could do anything outthere, so we really created it for ourselves.

The classes aren’t only steps but its really about the essence and the history.